I Love You, Yellow and Blue

Gah, sorry I'm so bad at posting guys. I don't forget to take pictures or post, I just get so busy with school, homework, friends, cooking, boys, college, LIFE, etc. So forgive me? Thanks :)

I pretty much adored this outfit to pieces. Really though. Day 8 of 30 for 30 has been my favorite outfit of this challenge so far and probably one of my favorite outfits since I started this blog. And I don't think I'm the only one that adored this outfit because I started counting (please don't think I'm vain, it was just kinda fun!) and about 20 people told me I looked cute in this outfit.. No joke. It totally made my day. I like how the shirt is unbuttoned but still tucked in. It gave it a nice relaxed look but still nice because the shirt was nice. Does that make sense? Ha ha.

Also, comments really make my day and I would love some? Pretty pretty please? Haha, have a great Wednesday! Thank you SO much to everyone for following. I'm gonna get days 6 and 7 posted pronto. Promise. :)

An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up: New York and Company (thrifted)
White Tee: Down East Basics
Flower Headband: BYU Campus Craft and Floral
Necklaces: F21
Skirt: Grocery Store
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
P.S. I would like to point out today that my outfit is also awesome because (excluding accessories) everything except for the skirt is thrifted and I got the skirt for like $3 at a grocery store. Yeah! This is proof that you don't need to have expensive clothes to look fashionable!)

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 9
Original? 9
Did I like it? (more like LOVE it) 10
Overall? 10


  1. aha cute outfit! love your shoes!


  2. It is cute... seriously you need to get your bum up here and take me shopping so I can have some cute outfits!

  3. The outfit is cute, but more importantly...were the heck do you live where you can wear bare legs and boat shoes in February? I'm so freakin jealous as I sit here in my twelve layers.

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  5. That's what I'm talkin' about!!! You go girl...being fashionable doesn't have to cost alot!

    I do love this outfit too. :)

    I have given you the FRUGALICIOUS award for the day. Enjoy it! ;)

  6. I wish I'd find a skirt like this at the grocery store!
    Normally, I'm not such a fan of yellow, but in this outfit I really like it. This very light shade of it goes so well with the dark blue, almost like white, just a little more colourful.
    And the flower headband is beautiful!

  7. ok, i totally love your blogs :)

    You are so stylish, seriously. I want your clothes! So fun! I am definitely a follower ;)

  8. I think it is great that you skipped 6 and 7 for now;) love the look! glad so many people commented on it! that always makes me feel good (and validated in me thinking it was a good outfit!)

  9. you definitely look cute! :)


  10. I love the yellow and blue combination! :)

  11. Love this. And the photoshoot in the classroom is so great.


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