My Name Changed

So if you saw the about me page or the little link on the side, I changed my name. Well, not really. I should say I changed my blogger. It was Kiki before and that's what I put as my real name everywhere for blog stuff. When I started blogging in like 2007 on this blog, I was afraid people would try to stalk me or get my info but at this point there are so many people that blog that I'm not really worried anymore. People could find information a lot easier through facebook and on almost all the blogs I follow, people use their first and last names. So yeah.

I hope no one gets confused or mad. I just decided that I like my real name best because it's me and I like me. That's a good thing right?

So let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Kailee. Nice to meet you. Hope you like my blog. Have a great day. :)

Thanks everyone!! :)

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