Cooking With Kiki

Something I've been learning about myself lately is the fact that I think I like to cook. Well, okay, I like to cook. Like last Sunday I made a souffle which was pretty delish if I do say so myself. So yesterday, I made biscuit wraps! Yum. They're super easy and really good so I'll just let you know how to make them right now.

What you need:
-Biscuit dough (like the kind that comes in the cans from the picture above)--depending on how many you want to make will decide how many cans you get--each biscuit makes one wrap. I got 3 cans with 8 biscuits in each and therefore made 24 wraps.
-Stuff you want to put inside--for some I did ham and cheese and the others I made were pizza flavored with pizza sauce, mozzarella (or any white) cheese, and cut up pepperoni inside. But if you don't like those things or can think of something better then put that inside instead.

What to do:
-Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
-Take the biscuits and roll them out with a rolling pin to about a 5-6 inch round as pictured above
-Put about 2 tablespoons each of whatever you are filling with or just kind of guess how much you need in each. Just put it on half the rolled out biscuit.
-Fold the side of the biscuit with nothing on it over, and then push down the ends with a fork to make sure nothing gets out. You can also pinch it with your fingers, but I've found the fork technique to be the most efficient.
-Place them on a greased/ungreased (doesn't matter but they will probably come off easier if greased) pan and then put them in the over for 9-13 minutes.
-Once done (they will probably have grown a little bit and also the edges will start to brown), let them cool and then they are ready to eat!

I made 24 of them which is kind of a lot but really they were easy to make and delicious to eat! I put them all in my freezer so that I can just take one or two for lunch every day. It will be nice to just grab one and go because a lot of times I don't have time to make a lunch before I go to school or money to buy one. They're great too because they're kind of like a hot pocket but homemade and better ha.

Anyways, feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have questions! Also would you like more easy recipes? I'm just a beginner cook so I'm going to be trying out lots of easy recipes and I will totally post them if you guys want me to. :)

An Outfit A Day...
Shirt? Ross
Belt? Thrifted
Necklace? Target
Skirt? Old Navy
Shoes? Thrifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 10
Original? 7
Did I Like It? 7
Overall? 7.5


  1. 2 things:
    1.) These look absolutely AMAZING!! :D
    2.) You mention your shoes but they aren't in any of the pictures! :( sad panda

  2. Yum the food looks delish!! And the skirt is really lovely :) x

  3. omg that looks freaking delicious! i am going to make them asap! :D luv ya sis!


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