Happy News

Soooo...guess what?! I was featured here! Some wonderful girls created a blog called BYU Style, where they post about the different styles going on at BYU and their personal views on fashion. Pretty much I think it's great. I love reading about BYU style, especially since I go there ha. You know what's even better? Writing about style at BYU! I'm gonna be guest posting on here whenever I get a chance or have something cool to write about. So I'll definitely let you guys know when I post, but you should just head on over to the website and check it out! The format is awesome and these girls really know what they're doing with fun and interesting posts to read. I'm so excited and honored to be a part of the BYU Style team. Can't wait!! :)

P.S. For all of you cougars out there, there's also another fashion blog run by BYUSA called YFashion. They just take pictures of fashionable students all over campus every day. Kinda like the Sartorialist. Anyways. Have a good night!


  1. wow thats so great girl :) congrats on being features in BYU style team! woohoo! love your blog- just came across it! xo

  2. Pretty cool, being featured on another blog. You must be gaining in popularity. It only makes sense because you have such an outstanding blog!!!

  3. how fun!! i never knew BYU had anything like that. :)



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