Fun Feature Friday: My Top 5 Favorite NON-Fashion Blogs

Ok folks, so even though I write a fashion blog and pretty much read them all like crazy, I'm still normal and read other cool blogs too. So I thought I write about my top 5 favorites on here (in no particular order...)

1. American Honey
This blog is done by McKinley, an 18 year-old girl who goes to hair school and seriously just one of the cutest girls ever. I love reading her blog. She's just a funny, regular teenage girl and someone who I can totally relate which I love. She's super sweet. And she also has a great etsy shop for you to check out!

2. Happily Ever Now
Written by one of my great friends Amy, I can't help but laugh SO hard every time I read her blog. Amy always (yes, always) has something funny to say or something funny to post about. It really just makes my day every time she posts. And guess what...she's just as great in real life! She was in my ward last year and I still run into her all the time all over school. LOVE Amy. :)

This blog has the cutest photography! And also, Brittany, who writes the blog and takes pictures, is an incredible artist. Seriously her art blows me away. Check it out here. I really just love photography blogs, I think they are so great and to me, pictures really do equal a thousand words.

4. Cotton and Curls
This is one of my all-time favorite blogs in general. So it's kind of a fashion blog, but it's different, because she's super good at sewing everything so she makes a lot of her clothes. AH. I'm obsessed. I wish I had time because then I would take on all of the projects she does. Lizzie is incredibly talented. And it's a cute blog! Definitely worth not passing up.

5. All the Belles and Whistles
This blog is written by Claire, a pretty girl with an attractive husband. They're basically one of those couples that just seems perfect. But they're not of course but they do great (and almost perfect) things that Claire blogs about. It's just a fun real-life blog that you can't help but want to read more.

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  1. Kailee!! You are too nice!! Thanks so much for the compliments, they really mean a lot to me. You are so awesome, I'm glad we've gotten to know each other better this year. We need to get together sometimes and have a bloggers lunch or something! ;)


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