Day 3: My Parents

Say hello to my mom and dad. Because they are the lucky ones to be spotlighted today.

My mom lived in Guatemala until she was 12, then moved to Virginia and grew up there.
My dad is a cowboy (ok, no) who grew up in Cheyenne Wyoming and served his mission in Puerto Rico.
They both went to BYU and their brothers were friends.
They met. They dated. They got engaged. Then married. Then had kids (their first and best being yours truly!).
True story.

Now a little more about my folks:

-They've been married for almost 21 years and are madly in love.

-They both speak Spanish and taught to all of us kids, therefore we all speak Spanish. But we speak more English than Spanish at home I have to say. But it's pretty cool that we all speak fluently.

-Often, they say that they never get pictures together, which is a bold faced lie, and only results in them getting more pictures together (like the cute one above).

-They're a little crazy. And that's where their kids get all the craziness from (though they constantly deny it).

-They both have strong testimonies in the LDS church.

-They're kind of like my best friends. And I love them lots. Plus they love me lots too. And my other siblings. But they love me just a little more than the others. Shhh...don't tell.

-I go shopping with my mom a lot and I love it. She's a great shopping partner. I feel like everyday I'm becoming more and more like her, which is definitely a good thing. Also, we have the same hair color. Black.

-My dad and I argue. Not fight. Argue. Two very different things. Because both of us can't stand to be wrong. Especially with each other. It's kind of fun a lot though. It drives my mom insane. Sorry mami.

-When I'm looking for my eternal companion (aka someone to marry) all I have to do is find someone like my dad. Sweet, caring, loves me and will do anything for me, attractive (I'm not saying my dad is hot--though my mom definitely thinks so--but I'm not saying he isn't....ah just ignore that. Awkward. My mom is very attracted to my dad and I want to be very attracted to my husband. The end. Goodness), strong and worthy priesthood holder, great family, smart and intellectual, can take care of a family by building and fixing things and making a living, a best friend, and just plain great.

-When I'm trying to prepare myself for marriage, all I have to do is be like my mom. Loving, sacrificing, loves kids, beautiful, a good homemaker, a best friend, happy, someone to look up to, smart, good listener and good advice giver, strong woman in the church, faithful, supportive, and just plain awesome.

-What I call them: Mami, Daddy (never mom or dad, although I do say "my mom" and "my dad")

-Nicknames I gave them: Mama Llama, Daddio

-I would be nowhere successful in life without their help and support. They really are great. You should be jealous. Because I have the best parents in the world.

This might sound cheesy but I'm gonna write it anyways. I just want to tell my parents how much I love them and how grateful I am to them. I started crying as I wrote this because I realized how much I love them and even more so, I realized how much they love me. My parents are amazing and I can only hope to be as even half amazing as they are. Thanks Mama Llama and Daddio for always being there for me and always supporting me. Thanks for loving me no matter what I do or who I am. Thanks for being my foundation when I have no one else. Thanks for helping me become me. Thanks for giving me freedom and trusting me, but still giving me great advice and warning me on things. Thanks for everything really. I have learned and am still learning so much from you guys. I can't say it enough, but thank you. :)

I love my parents.



  1. You do have amazing parents! You are so lucky. I love them both (as well as you and your siblings) with all my heart. What a lucky woman I am to have such an amazing family.

    You are right. If I can ever be half the mom your mom is- that would be a huge accomplishment. :)

    And your dad....If I can find a man that is half as great as him...I will be so lucky!

  2. Kailee! It was so good to run into you today! This post was definitely a good one.. you are a great writer. I was almost getting teared up reading about YOU getting teared up! It made me reflect on how much I owe to my parents too.

    PS. I didn't know you were fluent in Spanish!! That's so awesome!

  3. Thanks for making me cry! We are the lucky ones to have you as a daughter!!! Thanks for saying all of those nice things about us. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, Kaillee. You are an awesome writer. I have just been reading through your posts for the last couple of days and then got to this one. You are an incredible person and one who has great insights of people and life. Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes as well and making me feel important and loved.

    I love you tons and I do enjoy the occasional argument with you. They're kind of fun. Keep up the good work on your blogs! Love you!!!!


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