Day 6: My Day

Today is Sunday. It was a nice day. :)

I got ready this morning for church which we had at 9:30, and I looked like this:

We went to church from 9:30 to 12:30 which was just great. I love testimony meeting and all the lessons were good. I actually went to the sunday school class where the teachers go just because I was with my roommate Katherine and we randomly found it. But it was really good and I learned a lot even though I'm not a teacher. It was good because it was a small class so I was able to get to know people in my ward better and it was also great because I've always been super scared of getting called to be a teacher (like in sunday school or relief society) but going to the class made me realize that it would actually be kind of fun and I could do it. So I think it was worth it to go. The relief society lesson was on seeking righteousness and was taught by Katherine. She did a great job :)

When we got home I just talked with my roommates for a little while and I read and prepared the visiting teaching message for this month. My roommate Katie and I then went to go visit one of our girls, Stephanie and we had fun talking and teaching the message. I really do love visiting teaching. It's so fun to go and get to know people that you probably wouldn't usually get to know a ton. I also learn a lot while preparing the message and I like being able to be there ready to serve someone else. It makes me feel good.

After we got back from that, I made brownies, because I just seem to be going cooking crazy and I love it. Why do I love sewing and cooking so much? I have no idea. But I do. And hopefully it means I'll be a good mom ha ;) I made the brownies kind of using this recipe and they turned out pretty yummy. My roommates love that I love to cook. Which is a good thing, because I probably wouldn't cook if no one ate my food. I took pictures of course.

Then my visiting teachers came at around 3:30 along with a bunch of random people in the ward who just happened to all stop by at the same time. Then the random people left and my visiting teachers taught me. It was great and I really appreciated them coming by. I think some people think visiting teaching isn't a big deal, but it makes me feel special when someone comes by to see me and just talk to me to know how I'm doing. I really love it. Sorry I keep talking about visiting teaching haha, it was just a part of my day.

When they left, Katherine made us sloppy joes for dinner which were really good and then we ate the yummy brownies. We kind of watched the super bowl before and after dinner but we weren't super into it. Actually it was my very first time watching the super bowl today...so there's a first for everything right? ;) We saw the half time show with the Black Eyed Peas and they are terrible live. I love their songs but they just didn't sound that great. And I was on my laptop while watching it and tons of statuses on facebook were popping up with how bad the BEP were. It was hilarious!

So then, I came up to my room, did a little homework, a little internet surfing, changed my blogger profile name from Kiki to Kailee (my real name), and then started writing this post. And here I am now.

I'm sitting on my bed listening to peaceful music writing this post. And I couldn't be more happier or relaxed. Sundays are nice for those type of moods. I like this picture of me. My eyes sparkle. :)

So that was my Sunday...it's not completely over yet, but I think it might be almost done. I'm going to do some homework and then get a good amount of sleep. I think I need it. Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great day!

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  1. So happy that you are happy!!! But we miss you!


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