Day 5: My Definition of Love

I kind of already talked about love on day 2. And like I said, I've never really been in love or in a relationship. So it's hard for me to define it. But this is what I think love is. Don't get mad at me if you think I'm wrong, nice comments only!

Love is...
-when he knows I hate vegetables so when he orders for me, he knows to order it plain or get something without vegetables without me even having to tell him
-being best friends
-feeling like you can talk forever and still have so much left to say when you're done
-him thinking I look beautiful whether I'm in a baggy t-shirt and glasses, or a super cute outfit with makeup done and gorgeous
-holding hands and kissing
-not being able to imagine life without each other
-him taking me to something I love even if he could care less
-always laughing with each other
-fighting...a lot. But then making up and feeling even closer
-him knowing every single little terrible fault I have, but never bringing and then just complimenting me on what I'm okay at
-him letting me make my own decisions and supporting me through all of them
-living and working through life together
-finding myself when I'm with him
-being around him and wanting to be a better person

Love is not perfect. I know that. It's hard and there will be lots of bad times. Because the better life gets, the worse it gets. But love is when you find that person that makes all of that sacrifice and hardship completely and utterly worth it. :)

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