Day 11: My Siblings

This post is a good one to write. Because I'm missing my siblings a lot. They're all my best friends (as well as enemies sometimes haha) and I haven't been home with them for a month and a half! Isn't that so sad? I'm going home next week but nonetheless I miss them, as well as my parents. Soooo...meet my sibs :)

Carina (aka Gorilla):
Isn't she pretty? That's my sister folks. Guys, she's old enough to date so feel free to take her out! ;)

Now here are some great pictures of the two of us:
Carina is the second oldest in the family, after me. (I will probably say this about all my siblings...) She's my best friend. Seriously though..with this girl, I have so much fun. We go shopping together and talk boys and clothes and gossip together. We both dance, I give her advice, and we just have fun. I love her SO much. And she's amazing. She's such a beautiful ballet dancer and she's on the high school dance company. She is an amazing violinist and is in the chamber orchestra at school. She's a freaking good writer and she has a killer fashion sense that she's not afraid to show off (like she has an awesome jacket from DI that she made look cool, another shirt from DI that has a peacock on it and everyone complimented her for it, and she wore go-go boots to school one day!). I wish I had been that bold with my fashion in high school, and even now sometimes. Carina's so creative. She made like a 45 minute movie with our cousins over Christmas break and it's HILARIOUS. I would post it but it's kind of long. She enjoys getting together programs and getting all the cousins together. She's so good at being a leader and being in charge.

If I could be half as cool as my sister, well, I'd be awesome. I love her so much and I look up to her in so many ways! Seriously, she's amazing!!! :)

Sidney (aka Siddy Biddy):
Yeah, Siddy's pretty gorgeous too. I'm kind of super jealous of both my sisters.

And then some pictures of Sid and I
Siddy Biddy is my peacemaking buddy. In other words, we almost never fight. Sidney is the middle child. She has two older siblings and two younger ones. And I'd say she does a pretty good job of holding us all together. She absolutely loves Hello Kitty and also loves purple--like me! (she got my purple room when I left for school...sad for me, good for her haha). Siddy can be silly because I think she's quieter at home and louder at school. Probably her favorite response to a question is "I don't know" and she doesn't always say much to explain or describe things. But Sidney's a cutie. She is an incredible dancer (really though, she got moved up like two levels in ballet) and is on her junior high's cheerleading team. She's also dang good at playing the piano and the flute. And also she's pretty good at art too. She's such a hard worker and also like me, skipped a grade (except she skipped kindergarten and I skipped first grade). She's also super hilarious and has a great laugh. Seriously, when Sidney says something funny, it's funny.

Although she's my little sister, I look up to her so much. She's a strong girl and a happy one too. I love her so much. :)

Cee Ryle (aka Buddy):

Sadly, I don't think I have any pictures of just us together! :( Now I have an assignment to do haha. But here are some sibling pictures with both of us in them. He's easy to spot since he's the only boy. ;)
My little bro. I love love LOVE him to pieces. And can I just start bragging about him? He's won his school spelling bee two years in a row and for those past two years he made it to the round right before nationals. Last year he got in the top 7 of that round and almost made it to the national spelling bee. He's a super awesome poet and has won two rounds so far in Reflections for the poem he wrote. He's a great artist--one of his pictures is on my wall. My mom just emailed me today and said that he got a superior in the History fair and is going on to the next round. He plays the cello and the piano and can sing DANG good. You gotta hear him. He has one of the leads in his school musical this year. He does gymnastics and he's competing now and doing really well at it. He was Fritz in the nutcracker this past year. He's a genius and sooooo smart. He's just incredibly smart. He's super cute and sensitive (you would be too if you grew up with four girls). He's the nicest and sweetest boy you will ever meet, not kidding. He is the BEST brother in the world. I say this all the time, but when he gets older, the girl that marries him will be so super duper lucky. Did I brag enough? Probably not...but I'll stop. Cee Ryle and I are intellectual buddies. We're both pretty smart and see eye to eye on a lot of the same stuff. I'm his spelling coach. :)

We are almost eight years apart which puts us kind of far, but I will always be there for him. I don't know what I'd be or what my family would be without this amazing boy. We may have only gotten one boy in our family, but we got incredibly lucky with the boy we got. :)

Gracie (aka my Best Friend):
Yes, she's probably the cutest four year-old in the world. And she's MY best friend. That's right. Mine. :)
I already dedicated a whole post to her here, but she is still a sibling and there's no way I'm gonna pass up writing a post about her. :) Gracie is the little blessing in our family. Yes, I'll admit that is pretty spoiled, but there's no way we can't spoil her! She is a darling. She loves to model and she already loves fashion (she helps me pick out my clothes). In church, she's so cute because everyone will be singing the hymns and she'll be singing super loud to "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or something like that. Her favorite singer is Carrie Underwood (wonder who she got that from...?) and her favorite color is purple (and it's so cute because she always says, "my favorite color is purple, just like YOU Kailee!" awww..). She loves to dance around and she's almost always happy. This little girl makes my life. Seriously, if I had to pick one purpose in life it would be her. I love Gracie. SOOOO much. More than I can put into words on this post. But yes, I love her.

So basically after reading this, I know you're super jealous. Because my siblings are AMAZING. They are the best siblings a girl could ask for. You're probably wondering how I got so lucky to have siblings like them, and I wonder the same thing too pretty often. I don't think they read my blog, but if any of them do, I just want to say that I love them times a billion. And that I'm so happy we can all be best friends forever. I hope that I am and can be half the sister as they are amazing to me. I can't WAIT to see them all this weekend! (And go to the Justin Bieber movie with my sisters ha).

Also, for this 30 day thing, I was planning on posting every single day and getting it done in exactly 30 days. But I get busy and I don't have time. So I will still do the 30 day thing, but just not in a row and I'll post the next one when I have time. Then I won't be super behind and it'll be good. Ok. :D


  1. I love you guys! I love the picture with you and Carina as little girls. That is one way that I remember you guys. When I first joined the family, Carina could not talk and you and Alex were so little. I cannot believe the time has gone so fast. I love you so much, Kailee!!!!

  2. This is an awesome post! These are the best kids ever!


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