Day 4: What I Ate Today

So I kind of thought this was going to be a dumb post, but it actually goes perfect with what I did with my friends and stuff so now I'm happy to write about what I ate today.

Breakfast: Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with skim milk. Yum. My favorite cereal.

Lunch: Beef Macaroni and Cheese in a some red sauce..(it was a frozen dinner and sounds gross but it was pretty good. So don't worry ha).

Dinner: Now for story time...

So I got home from doing stuff my roommates, Kelsey and Katie were just sitting at the table trying to decide what to do for the night and I didn't know what to do. So then our roommate Heidi came home and said she was meeting a friend at the mall and said we could come if we want. So we went to the mall (and I only bough some nail polish!! You should be incredibly proud and read more about it here). Before Heidi came, we were thinking of going to Pizza Pie Cafe because pizza sounded delicious so we decided to go there after.

Heidi was leaving right then and we were going to meet her, but then it turns out her car battery died, so she waited a little bit for us and then we left for the mall together. We ended up getting there at around 7:30-ish and stayed until 9. It was super fun! We got some pictures outside of the mall.

Then we needed to go to Walmart and since Pizza Pie Cafe was on the way home and Walmart wasn't, we went to Walmart first. We were going to run in and just get a few things but we were pretty hungry by this point and ended up buying food and thinking everything looked delicious. So we bought some donuts to eat with pizza (healthy, I know) and then we ended up buying a roast to cook for Sunday dinner and somehow we ended up looking at Justin Bieber valentines too. Anyways, we ended up being at Walmart for an hour.

Finally after we left, we were pretty much famished (ok, I'm exaggerating ,but just a little) and we went to Pizza Pie Cafe! We had a text-coupon where we could get two 2-topping pizzas for $9 which was great. So we ordered a pizza with alfredo sauce topped with Canadian bacon and olives, and then a pizza with regular sauce topped with pepperoni, olives, and sausage. I don't remember why we got olives on both but I don't think we could decide on anything else. I didn't care about the vegetable because I just pick them off anyways.

When we got home we were so happy to eat our delicious pizza and donuts. Dinner happened at about 10:40 PM. It was pretty hilarious. But good. And hey, it made a good story for my blog right? :)

After we ate we watched Wait Until Dark (with Audrey Hepburn) with some other peeps in our ward. Overall good night? Yes, definitely. I love my roommates. Life. Is. Good. (or even great).

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  1. ok wait that is so cool, I remember watching wait until dark in college and being freaked out of my mind!! maybe it wasn't that scary, now but there were guys sitting behind us that were spooking us on scary parts! good times, love that you are lovin' life!!


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