Best Day of My Life

Yes, the title speaks complete truth. Day 3 of 30 for 30 was the best day of my life yesterday. Or close to it. That's why I look so happy in these pictures. Why? Oh ya know...just because I got to be in the audience for the taping of So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!! Yeah. That's why.

I was there for about 9 hours, but I really loved every minute of it. Because I really do just love dance and seeing people that good audition and hearing judges so amazing and experienced judge them was incredible. So when the show starts showing on tv, be sure to watch the one where they go to Salt Lake City and you probably see me in the audience screaming my head off. I think I cheered more than anyone in that audience. Haha really though. My voice is hoarse today. Totally worth it though.

I met some cool people too. Like the key makeup artist for the show. My friends and I talked to her for a little bit. Her name is Heather Cummings and basically she's awesome. I looked her up and it turns out she was nominated for an Emmy! You can read about her here. Also, do you remember Katee and Will from season 4? Well they taught the choreography and I kind of freaked out when I saw them there! Because I still remember them because they were just that good. So we waited after and we met them! I was such a dork gushing about how amazing they were and I think I hugged Katee like 3 times haha. But it was awesome. SO COOL. Want proof? Good, because I got a picture!
Yes, I was happy. Still am, and still will be for a while. :D :D :D  You can see Katee and Will dancing amazingly in this video, and also you should watch this video of Katee dancing to No Air because it's my favorite and I have never forgotten it. Ok I'm done gushing about them. But really, watch the videos! They're incredible! :)

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? F21
Blouse? Rue 21, secondhand
Cami? Down East Basics
Necklace? F21
Belt? Thrifted
Skirt? Target
Tights? Target
Shoes? Payless

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 9
Original? 7--(I know I wore an outfit very similar to this just recently here, but I loved it and wanted to look cute for the taping so I think it is a valid excuse. Haha plus I stuck with all my 30 for 30 items!)
Did I like?
Overall? 9

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  1. Love the outfit, cute girl. :) And I'm so happy you got to go to the taping!!! That's awesome! And I love Katee. "No Air" is probably one of my favorite SYTYCD numbers ever.


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