25 Days to Christmas

I love these pictures! Today I was wanting to take pictures by a Christmas tree and lo and behold I walked into the studio where I take a lot of my pictures and there was one sitting there! So I got to have Christmas pictures. Which was nice, because I thought this outfit kind of seemed holiday-ish. My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the cardigan. You can't see it too great, but it has cute dots all over it. And want to know where I got it? The DI (a thrift store)..yep. :) I love finding great thrift finds!

This is like my first time wearing tights (minus ballet dancing) in a long time. But I really like them! I recently just bought these black ones and also some white tights, and I want to get some colored ones hopefully...although I'm not used to standing out a ton and I'd have to make them work so we'll have to see how that goes. Colored tights will be a challenge but I definitely want to try them out!

And...the countdown starts. 16 days to Christmas break and 25 to Christmas!

Cardigan: Thrifted

Black Shirt: Down East Basics

Skirt: Hand-me-down

Tights: Ross

Scarf: Gifted

Belt: Pac Sun

Shoes: Hand-me-down


  1. Super cute! Yeah for Christmas :)

  2. Colored tights are definitely a must. I think I have acquired green, pink, purple, grey, plaid, and two different blues. So go for it! :)


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