Happy in Gray

I think my favorite part about today's outfit is the cardigan. It doesn't stand out a ton and it's almost more of an accessory to the outfit but I just think it's so great because it's a cardigan that can pretty much be worn with anything! What's better than that? Also, I think the gray contrast really great with this maroon shirt that I'm wearing. It's a pretty simple outfit but I think it's cute for fall and also it kind of went with the weather because it was raining earlier.

On another note...1 week to Thanksgiving break! And 31 days until Christmas break! I can hardly contain my excitement and joy because I'm just sooooo excited to go home. I really need a break and I can't wait to not have to worry about school or work or ANYTHING for two and a half weeks in December. Pure heaven. :) I will be spending lots of time with relatives, shopping for Christmas presents, probably making lots of flowers and maybe sewing something else to wear, and just having lots of FUN! And every year my mom asks for a Christmas list so she can have an idea of what we want. Some of the things on mine are...

black boots like these
A pea coat like either of these ones
Those are just a few of the things on my list. You probably think I'm crazy for wanting barbies but I love them! I just think they're so pretty and they're fun to collect (and play with..shhhh!). What are you asking for Christmas?

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