Accepting the Cold

Apparently I finally decided to accept the weather and actually dress for it, instead of wearing clothes that will just freeze me to death. Boots, scarf, coat, cardigan...it all adds up to a cute fall/winter outfit. Maybe the snow transitioned me haha. And recognize this shirt? It's the same one I used in my "5 Great Ways to Wear a T-Shirt" post. So I guess there's 6 ways to wear it now! ;)

I really did love today's outfit though. I think I just like the feel of it with all the colors like the brown and gray neutrals, with the dark blue covering the coral so it's not so bright. It's all a nice aesthetic I think. 3 days to Thanksgiving! Is anyone else as excited as I am?! :)

3 things I'm thankful for today: my roommates from last year (we had a reunion dinner today), peanut m&ms, and scarves (what would we do without them?! They're just so cute and warm..the perfect winter accessory).

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt: Charlotte Russe

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Coat: Charlotte Russe

Scarf: Dollar Tree

Hair Bow: Dollar Tree

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