A Blast to the Past

THEN (Age 2):

NOW (Age 19):

Ok story time: So yesterday when I was taking my daily outfit pictures outside, my camera lost it's balance and fell off the little wall it was sitting on and crashed to the cement! My camera and I were both crushed. The front silver part of my camera had come off and the little screen part that comes out when you turn it on went crooked so it wouldn't close in, therefore also making it so my camera wouldn't turn on or off. I'm going to admit, that when I saw my camera, I went to my room and just bawled. No working camera meant no picture taking, which meant no outfit blog!! And any of my close friends know how much this blog means to me and how much I enjoy doing it. So I called my mom for sympathy and she decided to come up with ideas for me to do my blog until I could get another camera. Luckily, I have an amazing roommate named Jenna who somehow fixed my camera. The front part is still off but my camera now works and turns on and off. I am forever indebted to Jenna!! :) But my mom still had a great idea that I decided to anyways. She scanned and sent me some pictures of me as a little girl in old outfits and said I could post those and talk about them until I could take pictures. But I decided to kind of try and recreate the outfit (and the pose) for today!

So as you can see above, I kind of tried to recreate the outfit. Too bad I don't have the same clothes in a bigger size now! Because I actually really like the clothes I'm wearing in my 2 year picture haha. I tried to copy the green color and just make my outfit colorful like the one in the picture. I'm going to try and do this every once in a while and recreate some outfits that I wore when I was little. Maybe I'll even go through my mom's old college pictures and recreate some of her old 90s outfits!! :)

Cardigan: Thrifted

Flower Blouse: Kohl's

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Walmart

Scarf: Gifted

Hair bow: Had it since I was little


  1. Ha, how you you have changed. But the pose is the same. You just need to work on your hair.

  2. Kailee! I almost bought that shirt from Kohl's. Dang, wish I would've.

  3. I love the blast from the past edition! You should be holding a sharpie though. I actually remember that outfit, what a cutie you were/are!
    I am sorry about your camara, but I am glad you have such a good mother to come up with these fun ideas!

  4. Kailee you look really cute!!! I love this post! (:


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