Recapturing Beauty Day 7: Tune Out the Media

Day 7:

Tune out media – no TV, movies, magazines and internet surfing. Instead tune in to nature. Notice a sunset, gaze at the stars, sit by a stream and listen to the water. What did you tune into when you tuned out the media?

WHY: The media constantly barrages us with unrealistic and unhealthy ideals of beauty. Because we are incessantly bombarded, it is impossible to remain unaffected. Get in touch with who you are independent of these messages and find your center in things that are real and lasting--your personality, nature, and your relationships.

Tuning out the media was something I needed to do and something that was perfect for today. Instead of bringing my laptop on campus with me, I left it at home. I didn't get on facebook or internet surf and it was really good. Instead I wrote in my journal which was much needed since I hadn't written since last Tuesday. I ended up writing 14 pages of my thoughts for an hour and a half! And now, I have actually had more time to work on my homework because I didn't spend forever wasting time on the internet. I was productive! It makes me wonder what the world would be like without the internet and all the stuff on there to distract us. It can be good, but yes, it can also be bad. I can guess that people like the pioneers did a lot more productive stuff because they didn't have TV to watch or computers to go play on. They probably spent more time outside, hung out with their friends (instead of chatting online or stalking them :P), read books, or wrote in their journals. Doing this made me decide I really need to spend less time with the media and more time with myself and God. :)

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  1. You are beautiful! And all the things you mention here are so true. I need to work on that also. Thanks for sharing.


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