Recapturing Beauty Day 6: No Fat Talk

Day 6:

Refrain from talk about weight or shape of self and others. Be aware of how often you compare yourself to others, and evaluate how this makes you feel. How difficult was it to avoid fat talk?

WHY: The obsession with weight, shape and appearance continues among women partially because we encourage it in each other. We have made it unacceptable for a woman to be at peace with her body. Refraining from speaking about weight and shape--positively or negatively--allows us to focus on a person’s real value and worth.

This actually really wasn't that hard for me to do today. I don't really do a lot of "fat talk." My problem is more just thinking about it than saying it. And I don't think my friends do it a ton either. I do really hate it when people do fat talk though. It drives me insane. I don't know what people are trying to achieve when they call themselves fat out loud, but it really gets them no where. I think we all think we are fat at one point or another, or more in our lives, especially the girls, but saying it is another thing. By saying we're fat, we bring attention to ourselves in a negative way and we also bring the idea into others' minds that we are fat or we make them wonder if they are fat. It's not healthy at all. Talking about weight and "being fat" are such problems and I wish I could do something to stop it. Anyways, those are my thoughts on that. :)

So I hope that after reading this, it changes your perspectives on things and you try to avoid fat talk because it does no good for anyone. Thanks..

i am beautiful!!!

“Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love.”

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