I feel like I've been wearing a lot of brown these days, which is funny, because I NEVER wear brown. And even weirder...that it is actually looking okay on me! Haha. Today was a very rainy day so wore these boots that are kind of waterproof, but not completely because a little bit of water still got in. Oh well though, it wasn't too bad, and what can you expect from $7 boots from Walmart? Ok and this scarf....guess how much I got it for?! $1!!! I got it at dollar tree! It's actually pretty cute, don't you think? The pants are the best part I think. You can't tell, but these are what I'd like to introduce as jeggings--jeans+leggings. My shirt covers it up, but there are no pockets in the front and at the top there's an elastic instead of a button and zipper! They are really comfortable and look just like jeans. The best part about these ones? Only $5 at Charlotte Russe! All the sale stuff at Charlotte Russe was $5 so I bought three pairs of jeggings, all of which I think are super cute and I looooove. I'm so excited to wear them (don't worry, you'll be seeing them a lot). One of the pairs I got seriously feels just like sweatpants if not better, and they look like jeans. The perfect pants for a crappy day. ;)

Brown Tank: Wet Seal

Cardigan: Gifted

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Walmart

Scarf: Dollar Tree


  1. Jeggings? I've heard much about these ... never tried them out! They look great on you though! But you're tiny :) Either way, love the look!

  2. YES! Jeggings!!! I need more!!

  3. HANDS DOWN my favorite outfit so far and you can totally pull off brown. Need help finding cute boots at Thanksgiving PLEASE!!!


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