J.Wride Love

Anyone ever heard of the band j.wride? Well if you haven't, you need to go check their music out HERE or HERE now! I was wearing this shirt today because my amazing roommate Jenna was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and j.wride as well as some other local bands threw her a benefit concert tonight. It was so good and a lot of people went which was absolutely wonderful. I wore this throughout the day to support Jen and to tell people about the concert. Oh and if you don't get the hand sign on the shirt (I didn't until after a while), the fingers make a J and a W (for j.wride! haha). I do love this yellow shirt with the blue on it. I think it looks so cute! :)

And everyone please be sure to keep Jenna in your prayers...she is an amazing girl and I hope everything goes ok for her. You can read and follow her blog by clicking on the link...so DO IT!

Shirt: Bought from j.wride

Jeans: Ross

Shoes: Walmart

Headband: Made by me (go HERE to learn how to make the flowers for the headband)

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