I have somewhere to be at 11, but I just wanted to post super fast because I felt like it.

Life is...good? Bad? I'm not really sure right now. It's different every day. Right now I just feel detached from the world. Which is kind of sad, but kind of good too I think. Sometimes you need a little detachment.

I'm back at school, which is going ok. I did really well on two tests that I took last week and yesterday, so I'm excited to find out my score! Hopefully it wasn't one of those tests that you think you did really well on and ended up getting a terrible grade. Haha. Yesterday night I went to FHE, which was super fun. I totally love my "family." We all have a lot of fun together and last night was no exception. We were laughing hysterically at Spongebob songs and discussing Harry Potter. [And don't worry, we still had a lesson. It was on the Plan of Salvation.] We decided we're going to have Sunday dinners every week at a different apartment together. It'll be so fun! We haven't done a Sunday dinner or any dinner together as roommates once this semester. Sad, huh? So I'm happy to have some "family time" every Sunday.

Today I went to Jazz class and then tonight I have to work for 6 hours! Jazz class is fun...we're learning a hip hop routine. We have to test it on Thursday though and so our teacher was trying to get us to dance it like we will on the test. She was getting frustrated by the end because she kept telling us to "perform it" and give her more but I'm not sure we really succeeded. It's just hard because I'm pretty sure most of us have never really danced hip hop and I know some girls were still just trying to get down the whole routine. I'll probably work on that dance tomorrow since it's been a while since I danced on my own. I want to get an A! :)

As for work, it's the Christmas preview night at the bookstore, where they have a ton of sales and everything in the store is 20% off (including Down East Basics stuff). It's from 5-9 and I'll be working most of the time. Some come! There will be a lot of other fun stuff going on too. You can do some shopping, enjoy the Christmas spirit, and come by and visit me. :) Also, I think the first 25 people to the General Book desk get a free book by C.S. Lewis or some big author like that.

And now...I have to go. Come visit me at the bookstore tonight! I'll be in the women's clothing section. :)


  1. Just keep clinging. You are at the stage in life where there are many changes! But I think you are doing amazing with all those changes and challenges coming your way!

  2. I love you, K! I know what it feels like to just be and feel detatched. But...you are finding all the silver linings. I Think you are awesome. If you ever want to move to Texas.......Okay, so you won't want to, but my home is your home if you ever need to get away.


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