I Just Love my Boots

I say this every time, but I looooove my boots! They totally make this outfit too. I don't think it'd looks as cute without them. And I think I really made this outfit work! I've worn this dress before, but I like it better now because I toned it down with the cardigan and I also have my hair pulled back so that the brown and dark colors don't clash with my black hair. I love my black hair with brown when it's pulled back but if it's just down it doesn't look very good. :( I know, sad, huh? Brown and orange are like the only colors that really don't work with my hair (because I look like halloween colors if I wear orange) but it's a small sacrifice to pay  I guess, for be able to match it to all the others haha.

Oh yeah, and the first pictures are of me and my little sister Gracie. We are totally best friends and we were even french braid buddies today! We were shopping with just the two of us for 4 hours yesterday and had a blast! I love that little girl...she is one of the huge reasons that I love coming home and hate leaving it.

I go back to Provo early tomorrow morning! :( I wish I could just stay here at home a little longer (or forever? haha). I just miss living in a home-y environment. I'll probably cry tomorrow when I leave. Luckily, I have my own car now, so it will make getaways to home easier and more often, and it'll also give me something that is all my own for me to go to when I need to be alone. And I'll be back home in less than two weeks so I think I'll be okay. This blog will at least keep me sane. ;)

Dress: Gifted

Cardigan: Thrifted

Boots: Gifted

Purse: Pac Sun

Necklace: Forever 21

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  1. Kailee:
    You are GORGEOUS. I love reading your blog. I love your fashion sense and that you blog about your outfits. It makes me smile. Thanks for doing this! Everything will work out. Keep smiling :)


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