Harry Mania

Today was the day I saw Harry Potter! Well, I saw it at midnight on the 19th, but this is the day I wore the outfit. I'm bummed because I had no Harry Potter shirts and I was too broke to buy one. I had a Harry Potter cloak at home, but I forgot to grab it last time I was there. So the best I could do was a shirt with stars on it haha...stars have to do with magic, don't they? ;) So that's why I'm doing a thumbs-up in the first picture (2 thumbs up for the movie btw, it was AMAZING! Pretty much the best Harry Potter movie I've seen, and I'm an HP expert as I've read the books 10 times, so I'm hard to please with these types of things. But ya, it was really good. I'm definitely going to go watch it again soon and you should too!) and also why it's such a simple outfit though. Did anyone else go see Harry Potter? What did you think of it? And more importantly, what did you wear? ;)

P.S. Thanks to Elaine of Clothed Much, I have been getting a lot of traffic. She made a directory of Mormon fashion bloggers and I'm on the list. Yay! And remember how I said in this post that I'd do a giveaway at 30 followers and 100 facebook likes? Well, stay tuned and be excited, because we are well on our way there! :)

Shirt: Hand me down

Pants: Ross

Cami: Down East Basics

Shoes: Gen-X

Necklace: Forever 21

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  1. You know what I wore! haha. love the stars tho! let's see the movie again sometime, k?


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