All Dressed Up

Short post today...this girl is TIRED. I worked for 7 hours straight today without a break, when I usually just work for 3. It was the Christmas Preview night at the bookstore. Hence the reason why I'm in a skirt. Although I love skirts anyways so it wasn't a burden or anything. This skirt is from the clothes Jenna gave me and I love it...mostly because it's coral, which is my favorite color to wear. The shoes were hurting my feet SO bad after just a few hours of working. Proof that "beauty is pain" haha. But now I'm exhausted and I'm going to do some homework and then go to bed.

Shirt: Walmart

Skirt: Hand me down from Jenna

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Forever 21

Belt: Amazon.com


  1. The color of your skirt it very cute. Bring a little bit of spring time into these colder days!

  2. question: who takes your pictures??

  3. Actually I take my pictures! I just do them on self-timer and then edit them on Picnik. It can be tiring sometimes, but it's fun :)

  4. i just love this skirt. i am always on the lookout for one like this. seasonless.


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