Getting Back in my Groove

I feel bad that I haven't been the happiest person this semester and that you readers have to be the ones to hear about it. I've been trying to be as happy as I can but it's definitely hard sometimes. But anyways, I'm not gonna write about that, I just wanted to say sorry and thank you! For reading my blog and following it and commenting and supporting me. I think this blog is the one constant that has kept me sane throughout this semester.

Today I really got in the groove of outfit picture taking again. It's been a while since it was like that but today I just kept taking pictures because it was so fun! I had a ton by the time I decided I should probably stop ha. I got this sweater-dress forever ago for my birthday, but I was waiting for it to get cold to wear it. Because it's too short to be worn as just a dress but earlier in the year it would have been too hot to walk around in this outfit. But it was definitely cold today!! Snow is everywhere and everyone walks (or slips haha) around all bundled up as fast as they can to not be in the cold as long. This is college in winter for ya. ;) These boots were good for walking around campus though, because they kept the snow out and they were warm. Besides the fact that I was wearing short sleeves, this was a very warm outfit, which was super nice.

Sweater-Dress: Gifted

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Necklace: Forever 21

Hair flower: Made by me

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