Recapturing Beauty Day 9: Body Kindness

Day 9:
Be kind to your body today. Take a nap, go for a walk, enroll in a yoga class, get a massage, take a bubble bath, get a pedicure or manicure, or cook yourself a delicious meal. How did it make your body feel?

WHY: We have been trained to hate our bodies. We pluck, tweeze, shape, mold, sculpt, and otherwise try to change our appearances. Your body is the vehicle that will carry you to your dreams--treat it with kindness and love. We must cherish our bodies it as God-given gifts.

Today was extremely busy for me, probably the worst day that could have been chosen for body kindness haha, because I felt like I had NO TIME for it. :P I took 2 tests and got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Goodness gracious. But I did give myself some body kindness. This morning, I got up early to study and barely gave myself enough time to get ready, so I didn't even put on makeup when I went to my class to take the test. That in itself was body kindness because I gave my face and myself a break from having to look cute and perfect for once. 

Then, I was done for classes for the day and had to study for my other test that I took later at the testing center. But first...I took a nap! It was one of those college naps, where you sleep on your backpack and set an alarm on your phone so you can wake back up when you need to. It was not the most comfortable nap, but it was what my body needed...therefore body kindness! I took an hour and a half long nap too, which was heavenly to be honest. I wish I could have pampered myself more, but I simply didn't have time, so I am proud of myself for taking a nap. Now that I've done this day and learned this lesson though, I want to be able to pamper my body a little more often and actually treat it right. After all, it works hard every day and I'm pretty sure it deserves it! :)

i. am. beautiful. :)

"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."

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