A Dancer at Heart

Today I went to see my sisters and brother perform in the Nutcracker! It's a production that's put on by their ballet school called Clytie Adams School of Ballet. Every year they do the Nutcracker in November and a recital in June. It's so great, because everyone gets involved. All the parents help with something (my my is on the props committee and is a co-chair because she's done it for so long), the teachers teach the dances outside of their regular classes, and the dancers obviously learn the dances and perform them. I took from Clytie's and I danced in the Nutcracker for 7 years, so ballet and the Nutcracker are things that are way close to my heart. This year Carina was a Waltz, Sidney was a Snow, and Cee Ryle had a main role of Fritz (he doesn't take ballet but they let boys do the Nutcracker with no dance experience). So that's why I'm dressed up in a skirt (although I love skirts anyways) and just looking classy. This is one of my favorite necklaces, just because I love ballet, and I decided I had to wear it since I was watching the Nutcracker...it only fit. :)

I saw this cardigan at Forever 21 the other day and knew I had to get it. Carina somehow keeps getting cute white cardigans and I'm super jealous, so when I saw this one, I knew it was absolutely perfect. And it is. I love it. And I know I wear this skirt a lot. But I don't care...because it's the most wonderful skirt and it matches anything. I love it and I hope you don't mind seeing it pop up all the time, because it's gonna keep coming up in further posts.

AND,  I just need one more follower to get to 30 and I will do a giveaway! So everyone follow! I'm so excited to do a giveaway but I need to stick to my goal. Hopefully in the next few days I'll get one more follower for a giveaway. You won't be disappointed when it comes! Promise!

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt: Thrifted

Skirt: Target

Shoes: Payless

Belt: Pac Sun

Necklace: Forever 21

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