This was my church outfit for today! And thanks to Carina for taking pictures. This outfit kind of came out of nowhere today because I didn't really have one planned and packed for coming home. So I know I already wore this button up the other day and this skirt last week, but I really didn't have much choice. I wanted to wear a cardigan but only had a black one so I just borrowed this turquoise one from Carina to add color to the outfit. And I really just love these heels. I'm getting more used to walking in them which is good haha.

Tonight I'll be eating a yummy home baked dinner with my family, watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, and then decorating our Christmas tree! It should be a fun night. :)

Cardigan: Borrowed

Button-Up: TJ Maxx

Skirt: Hand-me-down

Belt: Amazon.com

Headband: F21

Necklace: Mall kiosk

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  1. I love turquoise! A fabulous color for a cardigan to be, if you ask me.

    Oh, and you don't know me, but I'm just getting into fashion blogs. I've actually started documenting my own stuff...very amateur, of course, but fun! Feel free to check it out if you want (but I don't have much up there now...be patient with me and check back often!). http://thesmartfam.blogspot.com

    Happy Tuesday!


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