Christmas is over. :( But it was great! So sorry for not posting for the past few days but I took pictures and I'm working on updating it. I've been busy with family and stuff and I'll be gone all day tomorrow but then I'll get all of the posts on by Tuesday and be completely updated! I hate being behind. I feel bad too!

We're taking family pictures tomorrow! The colors are denim, black, white, and red. I'm excited to make an outfit for it. I got lots of cute clothes for Christmas, like some black and white saddle shoes (YAY!), these black boots i'm wearing, and two new coats, one purple and the other black. Look at my Christmas post (when I update it) to see what big present I got. I'm so excited about it... :D

Blouse: Gifted

Scarf: Gifted

Skirt: Hand me down

Boots: Gifted

Belt: Gifted (came with blouse)

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  1. I wouldn't have known the belt came with the blouse. Your scarf is a nice touch and adds a wintery flair to the whole ensemble.


    A Slip Shop


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