I'm All Smiles :)

It was a pretty chill day today. I cleaned my room, wrapped presents, took my siblings to get presents, and then went out to Chili's with the fam.

I love this outfit. I'd wear it every day maybe if I could. Good thing I have this blog to make sure I don't, right? ha ha :) This outfit is just so simple, but it looks nice. I borrowed the sweater from Carina (I love being able to borrow her clothes when I'm home!) and the rest kind of just came together. Oh and my hair was a complete mess this morning, but somehow it only took me 10 minutes to curl (with a straightener, compared to the hour I used to spend with a curling iron and getting poor results because the curls would die in like 2 hours :P) and turned out really cute! Don't you LOVE days like that? I do. :)

Sweater: American Eagle (borrowed from Carina)

White Tee: Down East Basics

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Walmart

Belt: Amazon.com

Necklace: Forever 21

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  1. Cute outfit. I especially love the boots. I didn't know Walmart had such cute shoes! I'll definitely be checking them out next time I'm there. :)


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