I Am the Luckiest

I've learned a lot this semester. And it's been hard. This has been one of the hardest times of my life. But I've learned SO much. It's insane how much I've learned--about myself and about life. I was just thinking about this today and I realized how lucky I am. Whatever I lost or thought I lost, I never really had or needed anyways. And everything that I've needed or wanted has always been there, I just had to find it. I found it through my loss.

Maybe that sounds confusing or cliche but it opened my eyes completely. I've received so much this semester. In Carrie Underwood's song, "So Small," some of the lyrics say, "And when you figure out that love is really the only that matters after all, everything seems so small." That is SO TRUE. And I'm not sure if I've ever completely understood those lyrics until now. Love is all that matters and it is what makes the world go 'round.

I've become so social this year. So much more social than I was last year. Which is weird because I had a best friend who I thought gave me confidence and who I thought I needed to help me be social and outgoing around people. But really, my confidence was there all along. It was and still is in me. I'm so independent now and I really love myself, I think. Which is amazing because that's what I need the most. And other people love me too. Lots of other people. I wish I could name everyone but I seriously have the best friends in the world. And I've found that I have a lot of them. So thanks to all of you...you know who you are. :) (P.S. Whoever brought me cookies today, thank you! It made my day!).

I'm not sure what else I want to say in this post except that I'm SO lucky. It took me a whole semester to realize it but I'm glad I did. I hope I never forget it.

Oh and I'm sorry for not outfit posting today and yesterday. My roommate was in the hospital yesterday and I was there for 13 hours so I slept a lot and was tired today. Good excuse for no outfits? I think so. I'll be back tomorrow I believe, so no worries. I did take a picture of myself today and although I'm just in a tie-dye shirt (Carina made it for me, btw) I'm very happy. And that's what matters most. :)


  1. Wow. This post made me cry because I'm happy for you! I'm glad you have grown and learned a lot about yourself and others. Sometimes the best lessons come the hard way! You are AWESOME!!!

  2. We have had different experiences but I feel like I am coming to the same conclusion as you this semester! I had some rough (lonely) experiences, and its crazy but now I have seriously never felt so confident and so social! I think I've made more friends this year than I did last year! Good for you!!


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