Picture Day!

I love love LOVE my new black boots! They're fairly similar to my brown boots (you can see them here, here, or here--or a lot of other posts), but now i have them in black! I already wore them yesterday and I'm wearing them today and I probably will tomorrow too. I wore this outfit for family pictures that we took today and the colors were black, white, gray and red. No red for me because I couldn't make it work but I liked this outfit a lot anyways.

It was such a busy day today! First we all went to Provo (where BYU, my school, is) and my relatives went and shopped at the bookstore and then helped me move my stuff from one apartment to the other. It was so nice of them and it got done super fast. I'm so excited to move!! Then we went to the capitol and took our family pictures (that's where these pictures were taken) which was lots of fun and really crazy with all the kids. Then the boys went to go see the Jazz game (we lost, sad day) and the girls went and saw Tangled for my sister/best friend's birthday (go here and here to see pictures of us). Tangled is the cutest and best movie EVER. I loooooove it. So just go watch it. For me? Ok thanks. Then after that, we were full of popcorn and needed "real food" so we went and got some delicious ice cream from leatherby's that I definitely did not finish though i throughly enjoyed. And then we went home. Good day? Yes.

And my blog is finally updated and I'm not letting it get un-updated (is that a word?) ever again. The end. :)

Happy birthday to Gracie, my 4 year old best friend. I love you soooo much. More than you know. Thanks for being the greatest friend and sister ever. You brighten every single one of my days. :)

White Tee: Down East Basics

Cardigan: Forever 21

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Scarf: Dollar Tree

*Photos by Derick Fajardo*

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