Crazy Lazy Me

I might get a little weird after being around only children for 5 hours and being alone in a house all day. So what? ;)

I woke up late and took my time doing everything. I spent an excessive and unnecessary amount of time on facebook. Cool. I worked at a daycare. I came home and ate a hot pocket because yeah right was I gonna cook for myself! Then I took outfit pictures and acted a little weird posing with my sewing machine and being shivered. Why? Because I felt like it. (And I really was cold)

I better get married someday. I would not be a good old maid/hermit. Nope.

PS do you like my new photo format? It's kind of fun I think. Picasa is awesome :)

Purple (it doesn't look like it really, but it is, promise!) Sweater: Gap

Scarf: Thrifted

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Socks: Simply Vera by Vera Wang (gifted)

Boots: Gifted


  1. Super cute! And love the new sewing machine. LUCKY. :)

  2. Haha you're funny about being an old maid. Don't worry, you won't be! I like your new header and format! Except it took me a minute to find the comment link :)

  3. i love the sewing machine pictures! i got a new one from christmas and i've been doing the same thing. haha.


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