I'm Kind of a Rule-Breaker

So I kind of broke like a billion rules in this outfit. Cool. Wanna hear 'em?

I wore this dress as a skirt.
I wore this cardigan as a shirt (and tucked it in..gasp!)
I wore two patterns together.
I wore a skirt/dress in the coooold weather (it's snowing outside).

Basically the only rule I followed was wearing boots in the winter. And that didn't even really work because they are definitely not rain boots. I've worn the boots so much that they are almost worn through on the heel and so some water got in. I'm so sad! These boots are like my pride and joy. What am I supposed to do when they get completely worn through? Does anyone have any ideas on how to make them last longer?

Anyways, guess what? One more final! And I go home TOMORROW!!!!! :) 10 days to Christmas!

P.S. Did I say I love this outfit? Because I do. It's one of my favorites. The end.

Cardigan: Forever 21

Dress/Skirt: Kohls

Belt: Pac Sun

Boots: Gifted

Bag: Target


  1. I love the stripes and floral! Rule breaking is so cute.

  2. i kind of am in love with this entire look. adorable.

  3. I LOVE the mixed patterns! You wear it well



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