I'm Already Shopping 3 Days After Christmas..

I spent the day in Park City and got to go shopping at the outlets! Um, what style blogger doesn't love that?! :) Yes, I know Christmas was just here like 3 days ago, but I love to shop and nothing will stop me ha. I bought a circle scarf and a purple sweater from Gap, a purple wallet from Calvin Klein, a bag from American Eagle, and a skirt from Down East Basics for $3!! It's a cute skirt too, I'll wear it soon.

Then we just hung out with family and kids went wild everywhere. Oh, the life. I'm going to bed. :P

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt-Dress: Forever 21

Long Sleeved Tee: ???

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Necklace: Forever 21
*Photography by Derick Fajardo*


  1. That blue is gorgeous! And, no kidding, who doesn't love shopping at the outlet mall? Always a great deal to be had. I love how you're posing on your chair...makes me feel a little bit validated in my own photo shoots.

  2. p.s. I can't help it...I added you to my blog-roll...I hope that's okay? :)


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