Finals are "Beastly"

Ok, so actually finals aren't that bad. I just made the title what it was since I'm wearing a leopard print scarf (which I have actually never worn before!) haha. But anyways, I kind of enjoy finals week but I have so much free time. Like studying for tests while still going to classes and work is even worse because you have no time. But now, I have nothing to do except study so I have a lot of time for it and it feels great. Plus I only have two finals left. And then, after finals...comes CHRISTMAS! I'm going home in 3 days on Thursday and I seriously cannot wait. :)

This morning it literally felt like it took me forever to pick an outfit. Nothing was working! I was trying to wear a skirt or dress but none of them were working out today. So finally I just threw on these jeggings and gray shirt and the outfit went from there. I think it actually turned out pretty well, which is good seeing as how long it took me to come up with it!!

12 days to Christmas!!

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt: Rue 21

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Scarf: Rue 21

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