Holiday Gatherings


Today was a holiday fun-filled day...

First off, the outfit. The red shirt-dress and the necklace are so perfectly Christmas-ish and I love it. I also love how the blue cardigan brings it back to real life so I don't look like I'm trying to celebrate too early. ;) It's also just a nice tone down for the bold red.

I am home again this weekend (read about my fiasco in yesterday's post) so this morning I went to our Christmas ward party--in my church we have sections split into wards and we have lots of activities that we do including "ward parties" (to learn more about my church go HERE)--where we had breakfast casseroles, saw Santa, and had a marshmallow snowball fight. Totally made my day.

Then in the afternoon today, we went to the Festival of Trees! So super fun. I went in 9th grade and have wanted to go every year since then but just haven't had the chance. So I pretty much begged my fam to go so we went and saw lots of cute decorated trees. There were so many and I took lots of pictures but my favorites were these cute ones:

I wish I had time to post all the pictures I took because there were SO MANY! But it was great. I hope to go again next year. Maybe with a significant other?? Hmmm.. ;)

Oh and also, I'd just like to spotlight my parents...my pictures today were taken in our unfinished basement that my dad has been diligently working on and is close to being done. Looks good, huh? Go him! And yay to my mom for taking my outfit pictures today! She did pretty good, I'd have to say..

Shirt-Dress: Ross

Cardigan: F21

White layering tee: Down East Basics

Pants: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Walmart

Necklace: F21

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