Minnie Mouse

I had a science teacher sophomore year who would always call me Minnie Mouse whenever I wore red. He was weird. But nonetheless, something stuck and I think of Minnie Mouse every time I wear red. Especially this red polka dotted shirt.

Carina and I did some more jumping pictures. It's kind of becoming an obsession, but I fun one I think. I love having someone to take my pictures. They look a lot better and go a lot faster than self-timer.

Oh and sorry for all the pictures...I just really like this outfit and I liked these pictures so you get a bunch! You'll notice that on posts when I have less pictures, it probably means I didn't like the outfit or I didn't take or get a ton of good pictures.

Do you like my hair? Pretty much the easiest hairstyle ever. Put your hair into two french braids while it's semi-wet after a shower. Hair spray. Blow dry. Sleep with it. Take it out in the morning and voila! Cute hair! I touched up a few pieces with a 3-barrel iron, but it was all basically effortless. Thanks to Carina for the idea!

Christmas is in 6 days. AHHHH! :D

PS. I forgot to mention before, but since I'm home I don't have all my clothes with me so you will be seeing some of the same pieces just worn in different ways. This is pretty obvious but I just wanted to point it out so that you guys don't think I burned the rest of my clothes or I just haven't done my laundry..gross! haha :P

Cardigan: borrowed from Carina (and I know I say I have a lot of favorite cardigans, but this one is my favorite, Carina just won't give it to me! So I just steal it a lot when I'm home ha ha)

Shirt: Hand-me-down

Skirt: Ross

Tights: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklace: Forever 21

Belt: Pac Sun

Headband: Handmade by me


  1. awww. this outfit makes me want to run over to disneyland right now!

  2. Aww, this is an adorable outfit. You make a great Minnie Mouse.


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