I Am Beautiful

No, I'm not just bragging about myself in the title. Goodness, no! ;) But anyways, BYU Women's Services is doing a new campaign called "Recapturing Beauty" and they had their kick off event today, which was an amazing talk by the wonderful Stephanie Nielson, who writes the NieNie Dialogues and was burned severly in a plane crash two years ago. Wow, her talk was wonderful. And the place was packed. I don't think anyone anticipated how many people were going to come but all the chairs were filled and there were people standing up in the back or sitting in the aisles. Please let me add that this was in the way big Wilk Ballroom where they hold big dances and stuff. Crazy! But amazing. She truly is a wonderful daughter of God, just as I know everyone who is reading this is a child of God as well. She told her wonderful and terrifying story, and how she found beauty from inside herself. Watch her movie here. This is really touching.
Anyways, so her talk and everything was so inspirational and it just made me beautiful. I hope that from reading this blog, no one gets the wrong idea. I don't wear a different cute outfit every day because I'm trying to impress people or because I want to show off or because I'm fake or something. I do it because it makes me feel good and I feel beautiful when I do it. It gives me self-confidence. No, I am not my appearance. That is not what defines me. It's definitely what's on the inside that counts. But I think I can radiate my inner beauty through my outward appearance, if that makes any sense. Dressing cute only adds to all the beauty I have on the inside.
I would also just like to say that I felt beautiful today because this is my favorite outfit ever. I wore it before I started this blog. I'm wearing my two favorite colors, purple and yellow. And this purple shirt is my favorite one. So who wouldn't feel absolutely beautiful while wearing their favorite colors and clothing? :)
Yellow Cardigan: Thrifted
Purple Blouse: Ross
Pants: Ross
Flats: Walmart
Necklace: Forever 21


  1. I think you are beautiful too!!! On the inside AND outside!
    Holy Crap I wish I had known Stephanie N. was coming to talk, she is FAMOUS! and I am proud to say that I read her blog pre AND post accident. Inspirational every time I read it. It's awesome! Love ya girlie, can't wait to see you today...and celebrate conference PLUS your birthday!!! ok enough with the caps.


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