Casual Spirit

It's another home football game today! Let's hope we win...the past two weeks we've had away games and lost both of them. :( This morning I went to a yard sale with my roommate and got some great bargains! The cardigan I am wearing, for instance, is one of them. I like how it is more casual than my other cardigans. I think I'm like obsessed with cardis..I have at like 10. :) I also got these great barbie calendars at the yard sale--one big and one small. I love barbies and kind of collect them so these were a wonderful find. The sketches are all so pretty and they make me want to design clothes!
Anways, I like my outfit today just because it's really chill but I think it's still cuter than just wearing a plain BYU t-shirt. I'm glad I get a discount at the bookstore so I could get some cute fitted BYU shirts, instead of the generic $5 ones. Well, I'm off to the game....GO COUGARS!!! :D
Cardigan: Old Navy (thrifted)
Shirt: BYU Bookstore
Capris: Paris Blues
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Mall kiosk
Bag: Bought and made in Guatemala!
P.S. I promise I'll do a DIY post on how to make one of those types of flowers, I just haven't really had time today. Hopefully I can get it on tomorrow. :)

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