Sleep Deprived with a Sprained Ankle

So ya, it's like 3 am right now. :/ But I can't fall asleep. So here's the story:

Today I was walking home from class when I slipped on some stairs (you know how some stairs have like the metal edge on the corners? that's what I slipped on) and sprained my ankle or something, because I immediately felt immense pain. So I just hurried and walked home (I was already way embarrassed about slipping because there had been other people around that saw) limping the whole way. Well my ankle felt a tiny bit better when I got home, but I walked into my room and I felt something twist/pull/tear in my ankle and it hurt A TON. And it's been feeling worse ever since.

I couldn't work on my homework after that because the pain was very distracting so I ended up going to bed at like 10:30 pm, hoping to just wake up to my ankle feeling better. Nope.

I woke up at 2:20 am because my foot was uncomfortable and was hurting and now I cannot go back to sleep. I'm super tired but I have never been in more physical pain in my entire life. :( This hurts so bad, and I've been crying since I woke up because the pain is so hard to handle. My ankle is all swollen and bruised too. And all this brings me to this point in time, where I'm now sitting in a semi-ok position that doesn't hurt my ankle as bad (it still kills though) and am writing in my blog.

Thankfully. my wonderful roommate Dani happened to have a boot from when she sprained her ankle before, and my ankle feels 100 times better when I wear it, actually making my ankle walkable. So thank goodness for that, otherwise I'd probably have to stay home from classes because it hurts SO BAD to walk.

So that's my completely pointless post for everyone. Mostly I'm just writing this because I'm super bored and needed to tell this story to "someone." And everyone is usually asleep at this time, so my blog wins the award. ;)

Ok, and I just read through this and I don't want to sound like a complainer so I'm gonna write 3 things I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for: healthy feet that can do anything (like dance), sleep, and this laptop. K good night. :)


  1. OWWWW!! Oh my gosh I seriously almost cried reading this!! I'm sorry you are in so much pain! Being in pain is the worst! You should probably go to the health center so they can look at it... Especially if you tore something! I hope you feel better soon, let me know if I can do anything for you!

  2. That does not sound fun at all! I am so sorry...school is the worst place for that to happen with all of the walking you have to do. I hope that it heals quickly. Use LOTS of ice!

  3. I hope it feels better! If it doesn't feel any better in the next couple of days (without the boot on), definitely get some x-rays done. That happened to me once and we thought I just sprained it, and the doctor even told us it was sprained, but we got some x-rays and I broke and fractured it in several areas. Just be careful!


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