Homesick :(

I just miss my family. I miss having people that are always there to love me or people that I can tell anything to or be completely myself around. I really wish I hadn't taken my family for granted so many times before. College can just be really lonely. I have lots of friends here that I know love me lots, but I'm alone. Crazy, how at a school with 30,000 people I can feel so alone, huh?

I had some fun times this week though. I went to a concert with Jenna and Emily on Monday (they weren't amazing but it was their last concert and just fun to go). Last night I went to a concert with Allred and J.Wride which was way good. Ha I've never heard either of those bands before, but their music was amazing! It was fun. :) This week, season 2 of Glee is starting again!! I can't wait. I'm gonna watch it at Chelsey's apartment since she's my Glee buddy (and she has a TV ha).

At the concert on Monday

Last night's concert--this is us with J.Wride :)
That's all to say for today, I guess. I still am updating my other blog which keeps me busy and very very happy. :) Oh and two weeks from tomorrow is my 19th birthday..yay! :)


  1. Isn't it funny you can feel lonely when you're not alone? College is tough but thing how independent we are getting!

    PS I love Glee too but its my guilty pleasure.. shhh ;)

  2. We miss you too!! Just 2 weeks till your birthday.

  3. what are you doing for your birthday! anything fun??

  4. Good evening

    This post was interesting, how long did it take you to write?


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