Sweet, Sensible Sunshine

I have a laptop again! Therefore, I can now blog about my outfits this week (not Tuesday, it was not a great day and I didn't try to get dressed, sorry). Thanks for being patient and I promise you won't be disappointed because I really liked my outfits this week.

Okay, so I love this outfit. :) SO much. It's probably my favorite one yet. Maybe because it's yellow...or because I got tons of compliments on it. :) I felt very very confident and happy this day though.

Notice the tatoo on my ankle (close up on the 4th picture)...props to my aunt Zildy for doing this for me! She has a face-painting and glimmer tatoo business called My Kid's Entertainment. She does a great job!

And now I just have to talk about the place where I took these pictures. There is this great studio that I know about (sorry, I'm not gonna say where it is..my secret) and hardly anyone is ever there and no classes are held there. So I'm going to try and go there as often as I can to dance (I love dancing, especially ballet and jazz) and play the piano. I'm sooooo excited!!

Button-Down Shirt: New York & Company (thrifted)

Pants: Ross

Belt: Thrifted

Shoes: Keds

White undershirt: Down East Basics

Bag: Target

Bow: Had it since I was a little girl


  1. Kailee i love all of your outfits! This blog is so cool! You have killer style. :)

  2. Cute outfit and the studio looks like fun!


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