Flowers in Bloom

I love these pictures, I decided. I feel like a model or something looking at them. Anyways, funny thing: this morning, I honestly didn't really love the outfit. I liked it, but I didn't think it was all that creative or anything. But after taking these pictures, I decided it's one of my new favorites. So this got me to thinking and made me realize that it really doesn't matter what you wear or how cute it is, because if you have the confidence and beauty (which everyone does) to show it off then people will think you look great. Walk around with a great smile and energy in your step and you'll look hot. Because I do love all my outfits and I think they are pretty cute, but if I didn't think they were cute then no one else really would either. Have confidence in yourself and others will too! And that's my two bits for the day. :)

Also, I have been getting into a phase where I like to curl my hair. It only takes me like 15 minutes with a straightner which is pretty good time, considering how stick straight my hair is. But let me ask you readers if you like it curly or straight better? How do you wear your hair mostly? Please respond in the comment section!

Flowered Blouse: Walmart

Cardigan: Vanity (thrifted)

Pants: Paris Blues

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Forever 21


  1. Where did you take the pictures? Those are so creative! I love reading about your daily experiences with your outfits.

  2. ok this one is my favorite!!! it is super de duper cute! i love it! kailee you have such a great fashion sense. :)


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