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I don't really know what to blog about, but I really would love to blog about something so that's that story haha.

School this week was really good..everything else was ok. I really really love my classes SO much. Seriously I am so happy every time I go to all my classes. I am definitely in the right major. College life in general can be so lonely sometimes. I really miss my family at times, but whenever I feel alone here, I'm reminded of how many friends I have that love me here. There are soooooo many people that love me here. And whenever I'm lonely, Heavenly Father let's me know without fail every single time that I have a friend. He is definitely watching out for me. So I would just like to say thank you to all my wonderful friends out there that have been there for me so much this week. I love my friends. :)

Some fun things I did this weekwas to go to hip-hop club (super fun), hang out with some of my old roomies from last year, have a girls night with Hollie and Chelsey (also roomies from last year), and hang out with my new roomies Jenna, Emily, and Megan. I love them, they're so great! Sorry, I haven't really been taking pictures, but I promise to start taking some more.

Today we had a regional conference that was at the Marriott Center. It was packed! They had to have overflow in one of the other BYU buildings because there wasn't enough room in the Marriott Center (and it holds lots and lots of people). I went with my roommate Jenna and we got really lucky to find seats. Getting out was CRAZY!

The Marriott Center...so full!

All the cars behind us as we were trying to get out. The traffic was pretty nuts.

Jenna and me!

The conference was soooo good though! We were lucky to have 3 general authorities there: Sister Julie B. Beck, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, and President Boyd K. Packer. Tonight there's a CES fireside with Elder Richard G. Scott (got to lds.org to watch it tonight!) so that will be good (I rode in an elevator with him once btw). I think I'll probably just watch it here at home with my roommates. I don't think I've heard this many general authorities speak in one day besides general conference. I looooove BYU!

I just finished watching "The Errand of Angels," a movie about sister missionaries, with Jenna and Emily so now I think I'll go read my scriptures or a book or just take a nap. That's all I have to say for today though. Life is pretty ok. :)

And I know I only update this blog every few days but make sure to check out my other blog, which I update pretty much every day with what I wear. It's so fun!


  1. What an amazing experience for you! All those faithful young adults! I'm glad you got to be there for that.

  2. That conference was amazing!!!!! Aren't we sooooo lucky?? Also I agree... out of the dorms, college can feel a lot more lonely, everyone seems to have their own lives goin' on. If you ever want to hang out, I'm in! :)


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