Red, Black, and BOLD

I got my inspiration today from #6 on here. I love love LOVE this dress. It's one of my favorites and I've been wanting to wear it for a while, so it was the perfect excuse when I learned that red is a fall color trend this year! haha. It was gonna be too hot to wear pants but the dress was too short and it was too cold to wear it alone. So I settled for these leggings and went for the red and black look. Around my waist I just tied a black ribbon to add a little more. Because the dress is really cute, but by itself it could be pretty plain. I liked the blazer too and thought it was a nice touch to make the dress look a little more classy. I didn't wear it for most of the day though.
Also, this is such a dancer outfit. That's what I think of when I look at these pictures. The ballet flats, leggings, and dress just bring it all together. And I happened to dance in this today because I forgot my jazz pants, but lucky for me the leggings and dress worked just fine! :)
Dress: Ross
Leggings: Ross
Flats: Used to be an old friend's
Blazer: Hurley

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