Purple Plaid and DIY Fabric Flowers

I like this dress. Because I can look so cute and girly but still look pretty classy. I think the purse went great with the ensemble as well! I'm so happy I picked it up yesterday at the yard sale...definitely worth it. :)
Dress: Kohls (gifted)
Black Cami: Down East Basics
Purse: Thrifted (from the yard sale I went to yesterday!)
Shoes: Payless (used to be my sister's)
AND, as promised, I have a flower tutorial for you today! I'm going to show how to make a cute rosette-type flower.
For this, you'll need:
  • A needle and thread (doesn't matter what color because it won't show)
  • 2-inch thick strip of cotton-y fabric 10-12 inches long--I just used fabric from an old t-shirt because I had no other fabric and it's the perfect material
  • A hot glue gun
  • Needles to pin the fabric (optional)
So first I cut out my strip of fabric from a t-shirt. I just used an old yellow one I had.
After cutting out the strip, fold it vertically in half. If your fabric isn't as easy to fold over, I would recommend pinning it so it stays in place. My material folded over and stayed together really well so this wasn't necessary for me.
Once you have the fabric folded over, take your needle thread it, tying a knot at the end. Hand stitch your thread through the open side of the fabric, about 1/8 of an inch from the edge. Just stitch it over and under doing fairly big stitches.
When you get to the other end it should look like this. Don't tie a knot with the thread yet!
Now, you're going to gather the flower together. Pull the flower down the thread until it's gathered neatly together like below. Careful though, not to pull too hard or you'll break your thread. I accidentally broke my thread and then I had to thread the whole fabric again. Not fun. :P When it's all gathered together, then tie a double knot as tight as you can on the end.
Now, take your glue gun and start at either end of the flower and start putting glue along the cinched part and then rolling the flower along the glue. It's hard to explain, but the picture kind of shows it better.
Once you have wrapped the flower all the way around, turn it over and cut out a small circle from your fabric to cover the bottom of the flower so none of the stitching or glue shows. Glue the circle on with your hot glue gun.
All done! You can hot glue the flower to a headband, bobby pin, barrette, or pin, depending on how you want to wear it. The possibilities are endless!
Enjoy your flower! I hope this tutorial made sense and if it didn't, please comment and let me know so I can edit the post. You can also email me at browneehee@gmail.com for any questions. Happy flower making! :)


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