Ya, I know I don't even really look close to that cute today. :( But unfortunately, yesterday, I sprained my ankle from slipping on some stairs. And I can barely walk on it. Thankfully, one of my roomies had a boot she used from before and it made it so much better for me to walk to classes and go to work today. Of course, this meant that I had to pick something else for my other foot to kind of match and all that really worked was tennis shoes. So my outfit isn't that great...sorry. :( Hopefully my ankle will get better soon and I won't have to wear the boot anymore. I guess it just gives me more of a challenge on how to dress each day!
Shirt: American Eagle
Pants: Ross
Shoes: Avia
Boot: ....... :/

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  1. I think you look super cute in a jeans and tshirt ;)


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