Just Happy :)

Today has been a great day. Really, I am loving college. This year is already going so much better than last year. My job at the bookstore is amazing, I adore all my classes, I've really been doing my homework and enjoying it, I've been making so many new friends, and the best part..? Well, I joined BYU's creative writing literary journal! Yep, so technically I have 5 English classes now. But I'm so excited because I can get experience editing. It's a 3 credit class that's once a week and I think it'll be super fun. Anyways, that's why I'm happy. It really has nothing to do with the outfit today, though that made me pretty happy too. :)
Jacket: Wet Seal
Shirt: Hollister
Pants: Ross
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Kohls

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