A Magic Cure

I think sleep really does cure a lot of things. Or make things better. So after I wrote that post earlier, I was kind of just feeling weird and like crap (not a ton, just confused, idk it's a strange feeling to describe) and I didn't know what to do so I went to sleep planning on waking up an hour later.

I slept for THREE HOURS! Not exactly sure how that happened because I had an alarm set and everything but apparently I slept through it and subconsciously just turned it off. I don't even remember.

The funniest part about this all is that I woke up completely confused. It was dark outside and raining and the time was like 8:20 PM. I couldn't even remember that I was sleeping and I was just really confused. Then I slowly remembered I had taken a nap and that I must have just slept longer that I thought.

I'm not really sure why I'm talking about this but I guess one thing I learned from this experience is that our bodies really do know how to take care of us, and they will. I only got like 6 hours of sleep last night and for the past few nights it's only been like 5-6 hours of sleep. I probably would have woken up to my alarm if I hadn't needed that sleep. But my body completely took over and I slept for how long I needed to. And honestly? I feel super great. I woke up feeling so much better than when I had gone to sleep and I felt refreshed (even though it was dark outside and kind of late).

So sometimes, when you're feeling like crap or just feeling weird inside and you don't know why? Just sleep. Your body probably needed it and that might be the reason you're feeling the way you're feeling. Every time I take a nap or just go to sleep I feel way better when I wake up. Sleep is just a great escape and way to start over.

Sleep is a wonderful thing. So are our bodies. :)

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  1. I love sleeping, and naptime! Its so true our bodies are amazing things... Love you Kailee.


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