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Before I say anything, can I first say that I absolutely love my blog header and layout and everything? Cuz I do. I  don't think I've really ever been completely satisfied but this layout will probably stay the same for a while. I keep typing in my blog address just because I like looking at everything! Haha I'm glad it makes me happy. :D

Random happenings...
Yesterday we celebrated my roommate Kelsey's 20th birthday! We got up early and made her breakfast and then sneakily made a cake and threw a surprise party! Boo ya! It was lots and lots of fun :)

I made my new favorite skirt from an old DI dress! I really just adore this skirt and it's perfect because I could make it the right length. GAH it's so cute and I'm so proud of it! I love knowing how to sew.

I loved the latest (and last one for a while) Glee episode! Spoilers...if you haven't seen it and are going to and don't want to know what happens then DON'T READ. You've been warned ;) They did original songs that were incredible and I love them and guess what?! The New Directions Glee Club finally won! They're going to nationals!!! Yay! We all knew it had to happen at some point so I'm glad it did. I love it whenever they beat Sue at something. Good > Evil.....always.

I miss this girl... :( But I get to see her and some of my fam on Saturday! YAY!

I'm so mad at myself because I haven't been giving myself time to play the piano so I haven't gone in a while. :( I think I'll probably go today.

I'm still so happy I survived getting my blood drawn! Except guess what stinks. I have to go back in 6 months just for them to make sure everything's okay. Which means...another blood draw. :( My face probably went so pale when the lady said that on the phone. But I think I'll be more ready this time. And I have 6 months to prepare myself!

(sorry, no blood drawing pictures. Otherwise I'll just pass out every time I look at my blog :P)

I love working at the bookstore. Just thought I'd make that known in case someone forgot. But I'm trying to find a second job for the summer...hopefully somewhere cool and where I can get a sweet discount..Forever 21? Or something like that? Yes.

Moving to a different apartment this semester was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have the BEST roommates. Seriously. None can compare. They are the nicest and funnest girls ever and I love living with them. I just feel so loved here, which is exactly what I need. I'm so excited to live with them for another whole year!

School ends in like a month! And then it's....SUMMER!!!! I can't wait!!
Huntington beach...ahhh :) I love that place.
Well, that's all. I'm glad I decided to nix the 30 day challenge because now I can blog freely! It's so much nicer, honestly. Anyways, have a happy Wednesday! Only two more days and it's Friday! :)

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  1. I love your blog! I love reading about your everyday happenings. I love the new title. It's so purple!


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